ID890 – Landscaping Project #4


Remove all Bougainvillea from driveway mulch bed

Remove and relocate 2-Mammy Crotons to old Bougainvillea bed

Clean out Flax Lilies

Remove and relocate variegated Ginger plants to complete even flow of new plantings

Remove 1 large Ti Plant from behind European Fan Palm and relocate to right side of main entrance

Remove and relocate 3 Bromeliads to pool lanai rock arear under Robelenii Palm

Remove and relocate 2 large Crinum Lilies to new Mammy Croton bed

Remove and relocate 4 large Mammy Crotons tom new Mammy Croton bed

Install 9- 1 gallon Green Liriope along new driveway bed

Materials: 10 bags brown mulch, 9-1 gallon Green Liriope

Labor $452.68/ Materials $101.89

Total: $554.57

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