Lawn Mowing

Turf shall be mowed once per week, as needed, from May 1st through October 31st and every two weeks, as needed, from November 1st through April 31st. Cutting height of Saint Augustine shall be 3-4 inches minimum. Cutting height of Zoysia shall be 2-3 inches minimum. Grass clippings shall not be caught or removed from turf areas unless there are excessive amounts left behind. Areas that cannot be practically cut with power mowers will be clipped with string trimmers. These are areas such as foundation lines, lamp and mailbox posts, etc.

Power Edging & String Trimming

Power edging of walkways and roadways with Saint Augustine shall be performed at every mowing with the exception of Zoysia which grows at a slower rate. KFR Lanscaping shall use its best efforts to establish defined edges around all mulch beds and obstacles.

Hedge, Shrub & Tree Pruning

Shrubbery shall be trimmed as needed, to provide a well groomed appearance. Palm trees (with the exception of Cabbage Palms) under 8 feet total height shall have dead and dying fronds removed weekly provided the trees are trimmed annually by a qualified tree service.

Basic Weed Control

A non-selective herbicide (commercial grade Roundup) is applied on a monthly basis to control weeds in plant beds, in tree rings and pavement/sidewalk cracks.

Lawn Maintainer Care - 8 times annually (every 6 – 7 weeks)

Lawn care includes fertilization, full weed control, fungus and insect control for surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs, mole crickets, fleas and ticks.  

Additional Weed Control

A prescription of both broadleaf and grassy weed controls, as needed, based on the condition of your lawn.


A custom blend of granular and liquid fertilizers is applied, which are balanced and blended for local soil and varying climatic conditions to ensure plant growth, root development and color.

Insect Control

Lawn is inspected for insect infestations and a blanket spray of insect preventative is applied certain times of the year when insect damage is likely.

Shrub & Ornamental Care – 6 times annually

A comprehensive program that helps provide ornamentals and shrubs with essential nutrients and protection against insects, disease and mites.  We inspect your landscape on each scheduled visit and apply control products and nutrient-rich fertilizers.

Palm Tree Care – 4 times annually

A granular fertilizer specially formulated for palms is applied with the macro and micro nutrients necessary for optimal growth.

Subcontracted Services

Each property is different. KFR Landscaping may sometimes employ the services of additional contractors that specialize in fertilization, weed and pest control. Customers will be notified beforehand.