ID313 – Complete Landscaping Project


-Inspection, Adjustment & Activation of All Sprinkler Heads

-Installation of One New Sprinkler Head

-Install drip irrigation in planters

-Deliver and spread 13 yards of brown mulch

-Remove existing plants in landscape

-Prep and grade soil for new plantings

-Transplant palm and some existing plants

-Install new plantings throughout

-Install new plantings and containers in pool lanai bed

-Spread 1 yard of 1-3″ beach pebble in pool area

-Remove existing stepping stones

-Level grade to proper levels & install and spread new base rock

-Install and spread paver sand and weed fabric to area

-Install new stepping stones

-Install and spread 1-3″ white marble stone

-Haul away debris


Total $15,992.00  (Labor $8,789.40 / Materials $7202.60)

Amount Paid $5,000.00

Remaining Amount Due $10,992.00

Total: $10,992.00

No, we are not charging additional fees in order for you to pay by card.

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