Flowers & Foliage

A tropical flower that likes hot, humid weather. Its intense colors
add vibrancy to containers and it will keep going strong all summer long

Mexican Heather

An excellent selection for partially shady areas, Elephant Ears
are a big, showy display of tropical leaves that are easy to care for.

Elephant Ear

Easy to Grow in Average Soil and a Sunny Site
Deer, Drought and Rabbit Tolerant

Flax Lilies

Long lasting, brightly colored flowers with
arching foliage. Nice textural and color accent.


Vigorous, long, thorny branches display showy clusters of
mixed blooms, bringing bright color to your garden. Ideal for
training along fences or arbors.


Makes for a beautiful evergreen perennial with feathery foliage.

Foxtail Fern

Colorful foliage plant
Large, glossy foliage
Small yellow flowers in summer

Croton Petra

Masses of colorful blooms
Thrives in hot, dry weather
Aromatic dark green foliage

Golden Lantana

Likes it hot, dry and sunny - making it a perfect plant for spots where nothing else wants to grow. One of South Florida's most drought-tolerant plants, it flowers nearly year round.

Crown of Thorns

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